Current Sources
Self bias CCS
Rev 5 hybrid CCS
Battery biased CCS
CCS performance

Voltage Regulator
The Swenson Regulator

Transformer Measurments

Tabor schematic
Tabor Rev. 3 schematic
Sonic Impact 5066
47 P-P
Active 300B SE Rev 1
Active 300B SE Rev 2
Active 300B SE Rev 3
The "David" monoblock

Solid State
SS Tabor

Driver experiments
Pentode + CCS driver

Line & Phono stages
Phono preamp
85 line stage
26 line stage

Speaker projects
Behringer DCX2496
Tweaking the Alpha-6C

CCS's and signal current control


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The 47 P-P amplifier
47 P-P

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WARNING!! Tube circuits contain high voltages and are dangerous to work on! Do not attempt to build any of these designs if you are not qualified. The author is not responsible for personal injury or property damage caused by use of the information on these pages.

The C4S circuit presented in some schematics is available in kit form with a great manual from the fine folks at Bottlehead Corporation

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